Franciscan Library

University of the Americas Puebla

The University of the Americas Puebla and the Province of the Holy Gospel of Mexico joined efforts to create the Franciscan Library with the aim of preserving the bibliographic collection of the convents of the province and providing it a space that would permit its conservation, study, consultation, and dissemination.

The Library is in the Portal of Pilgrims of the Convent of San Gabriel at the center of the city of San Pedro Cholula, Puebla. It has more than twenty-five thousand volumes published between the 16th and 19th centuries, many on novohispano thought. It also contains a great variety of sermons, treatises on theology, canon law, catechism manuals, hagiographies, and liturgies, as well as texts on history, science, mathematics, literature, philosophy, grammar, and rhetoric written primarily in Latin and early Castilian Spanish. It also has an important collection of reference works (encyclopedias and dictionaries).

The Library is a co-founder of the Collective Catalog of Marcas de Fuego. It is also a space for integrating and sharing the cultural heritage it preserves to the Cholula community through the organization of collections, research, exhibitions, conferences, and publications.