Vito Alessio Robles Cultural Center

The Vito Alessio Robles Cultural Center, in Saltillo, Coahuila, preserves an important library specialized in the history of Mexico, with a particular focus on Coahuila, and other humanistic disciplines. It was originally formed when the libraries of historian and revolutionary Vito Alessio Robles and Saltillo intellectual Óscar Dávila Dávila, who possessed an interesting collection of antique books, were brought together. Over time, the Center has been incorporating other libraries that belonged to prominent Coahuilenses, such as Victoria Garza Villarreal, Florencio Barrera Fuentes, and Agustín Isunza Aguirre. The library also holds the José García Rodríguez archival collection, the Francisco de P. Mendoza and Jesús Santos González newspaper collections, and a publishing archive donated by the prestigious editor Miguel Ángel Porrúa. Altogether, the Center´s library houses around 25,000 volumes in its historical collection and opens its doors to researchers and people interested in the social sciences and humanities.