Comparative Book Viewer

IIIF technology gives scholars the ability to bring together multiple copies of books for comparative analysis in one workspace, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to bring books from the Primeros Libros collection into the Mirador III viewer below, go to the item you would like to bring in and click on the "Copy IIIF Manifest" link to the left of the book viewer.

If you would like to compare multiple books, open a word processing program on your computer and paste the IIIF Manifest links for each book you would like to study.

To add the book(s) to the Mirador III workspace below:

1.) Click the big blue plus sign at the top right.

2.) In the menu that comes up, click the blue ‘Add resources’ button at the bottom --- this will give you the option to add a URL to a manifest.

3.) Copy and paste the IIIF manifest link of the asset into the "Resource Location" text entry field.

4.) Click on the title of the book you added in the menu to open it in the viewer.

5.) Repeat as needed to compare copies.

Please note that your additions to the viewer will clear if you navigate away from this page. Be sure to export and save your IIIF workspace so that you can upload it later.