Robbins Collection

University of California, Berkeley

The mission of the Robbins Collection is to promote and sponsor comparative research and study in the fields of religious and civil law, including Jewish and Islamic law and the various Christian traditions. The Robbins Collection organizes workshops, conferences, lecture series, and courses on a range of topics related to religious and civil law. The Robbins Collection also publishes scholarly volumes and organizes joint research ventures, and it hosts and supports scholars and fellows throughout the year.

The Robbins Collection events bring together legal scholars, students, and others to: Develop and pursue research and publication agendas on topics that include canon law, Roman law, the Japanese legal system, the Korean legal system, and law and religion; Advance and promote solutions to legal challenges faced by contemporary civil law countries; Further research in legal history and comparative law; Promote cross-national connections between Berkeley Law and other academic institutions and other countries in the areas of religious law, civil law, legal history, and comparative law.

The Robbins Collection also develops and maintains the holdings of the Robbins Collection in religious and civil law. The Collection was established by Lloyd McCullough Robbins in memory of his parents in 1952. Collection holdings include civil law, religious law encompassing the law of Roman and Greek churches and the Church of England, Jewish and Islamic law, and legal history with an emphasis on civil law countries. These holdings, which are available to the public, include books, manuscripts, incunables, microfilms, and periodicals.